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Achieve breakthrough results with strategic decision-making skills from the world’s top strategy firms



Today’s increasingly dynamic business environment demands that companies thoroughly understand the strategic context in which they operate, collect and analyse large volumes of data, and act quickly upon the insights obtained to keep ahead of the competition. Many companies use external consultants to achieve this, but this tends to be expensive and ad hoc. Imagine the benefits if all your managers could do this on their own, continuously.

We offer customized training and executive coaching programmes to equip your future leaders with the core strategic thinking skills needed to make sound, data-driven business decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Help your managers to:

  • Make sense of a complex, rapidly-evolving environment
  • Undertake dynamic competitive analysis
  • Innovate your business model
  • Make robust decisions under uncertainty
  • Engage and align stakeholders
  • Turn strategies into action


Discover the Aetius training difference

At Aetius, we believe that learning is a result of doing. Our curriculum is designed to help participants understand, apply, retain and use what they have learnt, so that graduates deliver tangible results for their organizations.



Our trainers are former senior consultants with the top strategy consulting firms in the world, who bring with them rich experience in solving complex business issues for corporate leaders


Participants bring their real-life business problems to class and leave with solutions, so that they immediately appreciate the benefit of what they are taught and gain the confidence to apply what they have learnt after the course.


We teach strategy through step-by-step instructions that everyone can understand, rather than abstract principles.

For Singapore-based companies

Find out how PIC subsidies (60% cash payout or 400% tax deduction)
can be applied to our training programmes